We are an Approved HARP lender that offers several relief programs for struggling homeowners.

Fannie Mare and Freddie Mac have upped the ante on allowing underwater homeowners to refinance a lien they already own or guarantee.

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HARP Refinancing for Underwater Loans

Congress finally stepped in and endorsed the Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0. The first version of HARP capped refinancing to 125% loan to value but the latest version of HARP refinancing has removed all "loan to value guidelines." We are an approved lender for HARP refinancing. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reduced the liability on lenders, so more companies will be embracing the HARP refinance program. With HARP refinancing rules changing for the better, there are real opportunities available to more borrowers than ever before.

HARP Refinancing opens the door of opportunity to many Americans who had very little hope in qualifying for a refinance loan because their property values were so low.

Can borrowers have cash included in the transaction under the Home Affordable Refinance Program? No. The HARP refinance companies are not allowed to include money back to the borrower. This is a "rate and term" refinance designed to help homeowners who are struggling with underwater mortgages. HARP refinancing rates are competitive when compared to conforming and FHA interest rates.

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Will HARP refinancing lower the amount that I owe on my mortgage? No because the sole focus of the HARP 2.0 is to offer a lower payment on mortgages for homeowners that struggle with equity that prevents them from a traditional refinance loan. At this time, there are no principal reductions offered with HARP refinancing. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not mind taking a risk on loans they already own, but they do not want to suffer losses on the principal mortgage balances at this time. Fannie Mae Loan Lookup

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The HARP 2.0 guidelines are subject to change and applications are subject eligibility requirements and fees on HARP refinancing.